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Re: [IP] Re: battery storage question

>> - Do not expose any battery to cold temperatures.  ie in winter I carry my
>> extra batteries in my inside jacket pocket.  Cold will reduce battery
>> charge.
>I was told they'd keep longer if I stored them in the fridge and mine have
>been in there since I got my pump and started using the D batteries.  I think
>I saw that recommendation on this digest.


Cold temperatures reduce battery charge and can kill the battery.  Never
keep batteries in the fridge.  this will at least reduce their life if not
kill them.  This is for the same reason that our car batteries lose their
charge in the winter!

Page 1 of the H-Tron manual warns:  "Never store batteries in the refirgrator".

Darrin Parker
Nova Scotia, Canada!
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In 5 days on the pump I obtained better control than I had done in 27 years
of MDI!  (To date:  48% improvement in average bg's and 80% fewer hypos)!
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