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Well I'm wired!  Yes I have been tangled up a few times and it hasn't even 
been 24 hours!  I wasn't going to mention I was dong this trial to the 
group until I read how everyone is waking in the middle of the night to 
fine tune their basal rates.  I work the night shift and I have never woke 
up to check my BS :(   except for when I feel hypo.  I sleep very 
soundly------however, My A1c is 5.5 and my BS do not reflect this.  I very 
seldom (or at least l thought) go above 175.  I have only had hypos 3 or 4 
times during the day sooooooo- I am on the sensor and I HAVE to check 
before AND two hours after meals plus bedtime.  Well usually I check before 
and then I spot check  as my schedule is so weird.  Well lo and behold-  I 
have had in one 5 hour period 78, 154, 178 2 hour post, and then 198.  I 
freaked out and changed my insulin, tubing and site.  Within 1 hour (with 2 
units) I was 78 again.  I have really learned my lesson and I thought I was 
soooo good with  my control by watching my A1c. I am now so very anxious to 
see the graph of my glucose reading over 72 hours.  I will have the sensor 
removed on Thursday afternoon to down load and will get the answers on 
Monday!  I am obviously sleeping thru lows at night (or day as I work 
nights).  You can not be overly confident with A1c results as I can 
attest!  Thank you all for the moral support! You have given me great 
info!  SEE  Nurses do not know EVERYTHING!  (But we try) :)
Pumper for 4 years
CGMS for 23 hours
Diabetic for 14 years
And soon to upgrade to 508!!
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