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Re: [IP] Re: youngest pumper

At 07:13 AM 1/23/2001 -0500, you wrote:
"I suppose the real downer is that the neonatalogist didn't have a
Disetronic rep as an acquaintance. The parents on his list tell how it is
to have to stick their little ones so often in a day and want pumps.
Imagine having to stick a 12-hr old baby and testing his heels! More power
to pumping!!!"

Wow, have I missed something here?  Do you not have to test if you use a
Disetronic pump?  I'm afraid I don't see the connection to the Disetronic
pump?  Is the failure here really that the Disetronic pump does not offer a
The method of blood testing for any infant is from the heel, regardless of
diabetes.  My daughter, twin to my son with diabetes, was born prematurely
with a rare blood disorder and was tested from her heel round the clock for
weeks and she does NOT have diabetes!  

Please enlighten me!!!


Diane :-)
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