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Re: [IP] Anxiety attacks

Sarah Sue wrote:
>  Lately I have been having
> problems with what I am guessing is anxiety attacks--I develop shortness of
> breath and my heart races....which seems to make me very queasy.  I have not
> started taking any new medications and am not pregnant--no idea what is
> causing them except maybe excessive stress.  I am wondering if any of you have
> ever had this problem before and if so...what is safe to take that will not
> cause my blood sugar to rise?

I think that you should discuss this with your doctor before attempting
to treat it yourself. 

It MIGHT be anxiety attacks, or it MIGHT be something physical -- I
honestly don't know, but it's better to rule out any other possible
physical cause before concluding it's anxiety attacks. 

Even f it DOES turn out to be anxiety attacks, your doctor would be the
best one to help you treat it -- there are drugs available that help,
but they need a prescription. And your doc would know what will least
affect your BGs.

Good luck! 
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