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Re: [IP] Need some advice

<<email @ redacted says:>>you 
need to up your basals starting around 3AM through around 9 AM.  You need to 
keep in mind that it takes anywhere from 90 - 180 minutes for a basal change 
to start showing up in your BGs.  I have Josh's basal upped at 4AM and back 
down at 7AM because he has consistantly been going too low at lunch time at 
school (he's 9)  I did not know about the delay in basal/rate changes so now 
I understand this better.  If you don't have it yet this book, Pumping 
Insulin, is THE 'bible" for pumpers and should be read by all!>>
Cory is a new pumper and his numbers have been great.  In the beginning he 
was dropping to the 60"s and 70"s at night so the CDE changed the basal from 
.7 to .5.  Now he is fine except midmorning he jumps up to 250 - 320 but 
comes back down to normal by lunch time.  Maybe I need to get a copy of the 
Pumping Insulin book for myself and his CDE.
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