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[IP] Re: youngest pumper

> Incidentally there has been some talk here in the state
> about the MM rep who "conspired" with the neonatologist
> treating that twelve hour old boy. It seems that he thought
> putting a pump on a kid that age would be good advertising.
> Indeed it was. The ability to deliver insulin by more
> conventional means, such as an insulin drip, has been the
> treatment of choice for several years during hospital stays
> and is not better or worse than an insulin pump while
> hospitalized and in an intensive care unit.

Now that sounds like a *conspiracy* which doesn't sound that positive. IF the
pump gave/gives this baby a better quality of life, OR a chance at life,
without all those injections with some normalcy of control, how can it be
viewed as an advertising *ploy*. I suppose the real downer is that the
neonatalogist didn't have a Disetronic rep as an acquaintance. The parents on
this list tell how it is to have to stick their little ones so often in a day
and want pumps. Imagine having to stick a 12-hr old baby and testing his
heels! More power to pumping!!! (~_^) YMMV

BTW, is it proper to judge another's thoughts? Was advertising the ultimate
goal for this baby? I hope he (Maverick) is doing well.

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