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Re: [IP] More Flossing For Diabetics....Pleeeease!

> My dentist tells me today that all D. pts should floss
> at least twice as often as nonD pts.  I laughed out
> loud.  Told her that extra flossing ranks very low on
> my priority list of things to do for the day D.
> related and otherwise. She said perhaps I could
> re-priortize some things. I barely have time to even
> change a site when the siren starts blaring on my pump
> some mornings.  Maybe I was just in an overwhelmed
> sort of mood, but it was both amusing and infuriating.
> It's been so long since I've had any really good
> flossing advice, LOL!!!  Just had to share this unique
> experience. Give us a break...pleeeease!
> Jill-(going off to extra-floss now;o) NOT!!

There was also a recent article that related gum diseases with the 
prevalence of heart disease.

I think I'll just use that Rotodent brush more!

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