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Re: [IP] Need some advice


  My son has Dawn Phenominom really bad and I have recently been able to 
adjust his basals to get rid of it.  In Chapeter 8 of Pumping Insulin it 
explains all of this but briefly it states that to get rid of this D.P. you 
need to up your basals starting around 3AM through around 9 AM.  You need to 
keep in mind that it takes anywhere from 90 - 180 minutes for a basal change 
to start showing up in your BGs.  I have Josh's basal upped at 4AM and back 
down at 7AM because he has consistantly been going too low at lunch time at 
school (he's 9)  I did not know about the delay in basal/rate changes so now 
I understand this better.  If you don't have it yet this book, Pumping 
Insulin, is THE 'bible" for pumpers and should be read by all!

mom to Joshua
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