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[IP] MM508 error

FYI...We discovered last night that Alyssa's pump has a fault. The display
for "Total units for today" reads 9.99 on occasion. I have noticed it in the
past, but didn't think anything of it. Only recently did I start to think
about it, and realized that it must be an error because the pump can not
deliver in .01 units (unless diluted 1:10?). I called MM last night, and
sure enough it's a glitch. Between totals of 10.0 and 10.9 the pump displays
9.99. Once a total of 11.0 units is reached the pump corrects itself. So, MM
is sending us a new pump. They initially wanted to send us a loaner and send
Alyssa's for fixing, and then return it to us. I told them I was unhappy
with that arrangement as I was concerned what else might be wrong with it.
MM assured me the pump would go through much testing before being returned
to us. At this I explained that I did not want a pump that had had excessive
wear & tear on its motor. In the end they relented to letting me keep the
new one they are sending this week.

Just thought you'd like to know. MM seems to be well aware of the problem.

Have a great day,

Mom blessed with two; Chad 7 (dx 2/96) & Alyssa 9 (dx 5/98) started pumping
Vernon BC Canada
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