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[IP] Flossie

Jill, you mentioned:

>>	More Flossing For Diabetics....Pleeeease!

My dentist tells me today that all D. pts should floss
at least twice as often as nonD pts. .... Just had to share
this unique
experience. Give us a break...pleeeease!

Jill-(going off to extra-floss now;o) NOT!!	<<


Your hygienist was only trying to pass along some recent
information that does sound weird, but is substantiated by
some recent research. It appears that periodontal disease is
related to heart disease and that diabetics have a higher
than usual association between the two. Now whether flossing
will actually decrease the incidence of heart disease is up
to you and your own buccal organisms. It HAS been shown that
coronary artery disease IS caused by some bacteria.
Apparently they irritate the lining of the blood vessels in
the hear causing inflammation and plaque formation. So I
will feel more guilty myself every morning that I don't
floss. I haven't started flossing any more often, though.
But, I KNOW that I should for reasons having nothing to do
with heart disease.

Nick Trubov
Fort Smith, Arkansas
email @ redacted

Incidentally there has been some talk here in the state
about the MM rep who "conspired" with the neonatologist
treating that twelve hour old boy. It seems that he thought
putting a pump on a kid that age would be good advertising.
Indeed it was. The ability to deliver insulin by more
conventional means, such as an insulin drip, has been the
treatment of choice for several years during hospital stays
and is not better or worse than an insulin pump while
hospitalized and in an intensive care unit.
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