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Re: [IP] Need some advice

> Hi everyone,
> i have had to do some adjusting on my basal rates. doing good during
> the day but my morning bg's are still higher than what i like.  i
> have set two different rates at from during the night but still
> high.  could it be possible that i might be going low and not know
> it and my body is releasing glucose to bring it my low back causing
> me to be high when i get up in the mornings?  any info would be
> helpful.  thank you in advance.

Possible, a good overlapping set of night time profiles will 
eliminate or confirm this. Try waking every 3 hours on alternate 
hours during the nite for several days to build a composite data set. 
That will give you good insight into the variations you see. Don't 
get up, just roll over, do a test and go to sleep. This shouldn't 
disturb your sleep pattern enough to change bg's.


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