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Re: [IP] Help! My boss is an old-school nurse and she wont' stop lecturing!

I am so sorry you have to deal with this arse.  My concern is that the game 
here is to just hassle you; that it may not be about diabetes so much as an 
excuse to use her power to push you around.  My concern is that, once you 
convince her that the pump is truly different, then she will be on to a new 
diabetic issue to argue about.  I bet your boss is betting on diabetes being 
a sensitive issue for you (of course it is), and she hassles you on these 
points because you are vulnerable (as we all are).  My (former) friend sort 
of played the same game with me.  She insisted that diabetes was not that 
bad; after all, look at Mary Tyler Moore.  After some time, I realized that 
she was never going to be supportive, so I moved on.  I don't miss her.  The 
problem you have, is that this troublemaker is your boss, so you can't easily 
move on as I did.  I hope you get some good responses from the group.
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