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Re: [IP] MiniMed changes gym time (without my knowledge)


  You are RIGHT!  It is time for a good lawyer, and you can get one throught 
the Legal Aid occies of the your states Educational offices.  This has been 
going on for way too long.  You are suppose to have a 504 plan in effect at 
the BEGINNING of the school year, NOT half-way through it.  And the pump rep 
or company has NO PARTICIPATION in anyone's 504 plan.  Only the School RN, 
the Parents, The Endo and the 504 coordinator have ANY input into a plan.  
The staffers at the school who did this could actually be looking at legal 
ramifications themselves, espcially if it was the 504 planner.  S/He is also 
looking at trouble because of the stall at getting your plan finalized.

  Another thing is that each school DISTRICT also has a District Coordinator 
for 504 and S/He is the one who oversees all of the school coorcinators.  
Contat this office and let them know that you are seeking legal action 
against the school and why!  It will probably start jumping after you do this 
because that word LEGAL usually does.  The school and the district could be 
fined by the state and/or the feds because they are gettin money that is 
suppose to cover any expenses they incur about your son's care at school.  
Stop dealing with the school and start going directly to the district 
offices.  That is what i had to do!!  And believe me, things will get done!!!

mom to Joshua in 3rd grade and only D kid at school and only pumper in 
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