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Re: [IP] MiniMed changes gym time (without my knowledge)


We should find out the facts from both sides. Considering the school
district this poor parent is trying to deal with, I have a feeling that
perhaps THEY ultimately made the decision to change the child's plan
without consulting with the parent.  THEY are definitely out of line.  The
school MAY have called MiniMed to ask a question, but the school had no
authority to make any changes at all, without first notifying the parent.
I believe they are out of compliance with the law.  Any changes would have
to be instigated by the parent, or along with the parent.  I would consult
with the legal counsel for the school, and express your disappointment with
the school overstepping their bounds, and explain to them that decisions
regarding your child's health need to be made only by yourself, WITH
yourself, but NEVER for yourself.  

Diane :-)

At 06:17 PM 1/22/2001 EST, you wrote:
>I would certainly call MM and investigate who gave them the authority to make
>medical decisions for Cory.  Doesn't their introductory recording say
>something to the effect that if 'you have a medical question, please call you
>health care professionals.'  I would then call you MM rep's supervisor
>(everyone reports to someone!) and report this incident and follow up with a
>certified letter to the supervisor.  They made a medical decision without
>consulting anyone that has the authority to do so for Cory!
>Seems to me that the school just blew their case for not wanting to take
>responsibility...they took responsibility and made a decision to call MM
>(although it was wrong,) so now you have a firm argument for their doing
>EVERYTHING that you demand of them.  Politely tell them that if the want
>further action, you can call the superintendent of the schools and explain
>how they did not contact the 'parent or guardian' of the child to make a
>medical decision...I'm sure the superintendent will agree to your every
>Good luck and keeps us apprised of how everything goes as well as the school
>and MM responses!  This should be very interesting.
>Roxanne Villanueva RD, LD
>Cleveland, Ohio
>IDDM X 18 years, Pumping since 1/4/1995.
>Remember...Diabetics are naturally sweet!
>In a message dated 1/22/2001 01:17:59 PM Eastern Standard Time,
>email @ redacted writes:
>> Today Cory was scheduled to begin gym class at 10:20am.  His diabetes
>> educator and I had worked out all the management details.  At about 10:15am
>> Cory called me and said he was not going to gym until after lunch.  His
>> schedule was changed.  My husband immediately went to the school to find
>> out
>> what was going on.  The principal stated that he, the school nurse and
>> district director of nursing had a conference and decided that gym needed
>> to
>> be rescheduled.  They called MiniMed (his pump trainer) and got it
>> approved!
>> HOW?  What authority does MiniMed have to do that?  I called Cory's CDE.
>> She
>> was in clinic but another one of the CDE's called me.  She was shocked and
>> will have our pump CDE call us later on.  Last year the school wanted Cory
>> to
>> play board games during recess so he wouldn't go too low.  This year all
>> his
>> class went to PE during 1st semester but his was moved to 2nd semester -
>> NOW
>> THIS!  And while my husband was there -- he was informed that the 504
>> meeting
>> we have been waiting since last spring for was rescheduled from tomorrow
>> (Tuesday) to Thursday! I wonder when they plan to notify me of this change?
>> Also they said they could not follow ADA recommendations because they do
>> not
>> have a full time nurse and no one is willing to be trained.  I do declare!
>> I
>> think we need a good attorney.  Any recommendations?  -- Columbus, Ohio!
>> HELP!
>> One very upset parent,
>> Susan - gma to Cory - age 11 - dx'd 12/28/98 - pumping 1/16/01
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