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[IP] More Flossing For Diabetics....Pleeeease!

My dentist tells me today that all D. pts should floss
at least twice as often as nonD pts.  I laughed out
loud.  Told her that extra flossing ranks very low on
my priority list of things to do for the day D.
related and otherwise. She said perhaps I could
re-priortize some things. I barely have time to even
change a site when the siren starts blaring on my pump
some mornings.  Maybe I was just in an overwhelmed
sort of mood, but it was both amusing and infuriating.
It's been so long since I've had any really good
flossing advice, LOL!!!  Just had to share this unique
experience. Give us a break...pleeeease!

Jill-(going off to extra-floss now;o) NOT!!

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