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Re: [IP] Bubbles

Lots of people have had trouble with bubbles.

Our solution, it has worked 100% for us, is to use 1.5 ml pen cartridges
(Lilly) to fill the pump.

I believe that the bubbles are coming from dissolved gasses in the vial
that come out of solution to form bubbles when warmed to room temp and
perhaps agitated.  The cartridges have no air space above the fluid and so
would have less dissolved gasses.

When we fill from cartridges we have never found bubbles.  When we fill
from vials we have to have a nightly check.  We find them quite often.

You can fill with no visible bubbles and get them later, so you are not
crazy or inept.

If you use vials suck out as much air as you can when you store it and then
warm it to room temp before filling res.  Filling it some time before
installing into the pump will allow you to purge any rogue bubbles.  Then
make periodic checks to catch them before they screw up you BG control.

Curtis Lomax
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