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Re: [IP] Child diabetes may be misdiagnosed: Many doctors unaware that type...

In a message dated 1/22/01 11:52:28 AM US Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< >NEW YORK, Jan. 18  A form of diabetes that has historically struck 
adults is
 >now also afflicting thousands of children and adolescents. Yet many doctors 

 >unaware of the trend  mistakenly diagnose the youngsters with another type
 >the disease, potentially subjecting them to inappropriate care, doctors here
 I wonder if this can't be direectly correlated to the trends that NA
 children today are more overweight then ever before, less active, have
 sugnificantly higher diets of simple carbs and have more blood tests than
 in prior generations? >>

A recent study published in Diabetes Care out of Finland showed that children 
who weighed more and were taller than their peers were more likely to develop 
type *1* diabetes. It was attributed to less exercise and possible genetic 
influences. So we have "couch-potatoism" attributed to type 2 here and to 
type 1 there. Confusing ...

Jan and Elvis
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