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RE: [IP] Rapid acting insulin - prescription

sue depinto [mailto:email @ redacted] wrote:

> But----- does anyone know exactly WHY homalog requires a 
> prescription and 
> the other insulins do not????????????? Is it because it acts 
> so fast or 
> what?

Truth be known, the FDA would much prefer that all insulin require a
prescription.  It does not because of the original, and legally binding
requirement from (I believe) Banting, et al., is that insulin be readily
available to all who require it.

The reason that Humalog *does* require a prescription is that it really
isn't insulin, but is an insulin analog, and therefore does not come under
the insulin umbrella.  It really doesn't make sense, but that's government
for you.  8-)

Jim Handsfield, a United States Government Employee
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