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Re:GOOD parent resource (was Re: [IP] uncooperative school)

Sammi, thank you for posting the information about the ABC book from 
Diestronic. I know it sounds like many of us "hate" teachers.  That is not 
the case with me and I don't think it is with others.  I get very frustated 
with those who won't give the minimum of care.  How hard is it for a teacher 
to check and see that a child has returned to a normal glucose level after 
treating a low?  If the teachers do not have the time to render the necessary 
care, then the schools need to hire aides.  The teacher Cory had last year 
kept saying she could handle everything, then she would send me notes 
complaining about assistance that she had to provide. She needed to take her 
complaints to the administration.  Kids with disabilities need help while 
they are at school.  Different kids have different needs but all needs should 
be met. 
God bless caring teachers like you,
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