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I agree 100%! And once again, I was not making generalizations. Over Christmas, I actually observed a man pull into a handicap spot and then sprint (run, jog) to the door of the store, which is why I used the term sprint in the first place. I do know quite a few people - some are family members - who have those cards (for varying disabilities, not all obvious) and I'm quite certain that none of them could move like that. Now, maybe he did have a disability but I have to wonder. If I could have caught up to him I probably would've said something, for the reason you stated. 

Jan said:
This is *rather* unfair. I realize the poster did say *sprinting* and that isn't right. BUT, I'm on another list where this subject came up and like here when we criticize others for not having the education about DM that WE would like everyone to have, the other listers don't have the compassion from onlookers due to *unseen* disabilities. What about those who look healthy and have pacemakers and being out in the cold for a lengthy walk to a bldg is damaging, or my friend who has an artificial leg and it isn't noticable under his pants and he looks healthy and you can't tell he's *different* but the pain is masked. There are numerous reasons unseen requiring a handcapped card, and if someone has one, I'll not question it as it is none of my business what their need/disability is.
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