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Re: Re: [IP] Shelly $500/mth Here is a breakdown of Erica's costs


feel free to get picky, but I was talking about Erica specifically, ....that
is why I said YMMV.  Sorry if you thought I was making a blanket statement for
pumping vs MDI.  I thought I was clear enough in stating that it was OUR
experience.  I am usually pretty careful in that respect.  I didn't suggest
that it would be anybody's elses.

I didn't bother factoring lancets into it either, because a box of the darn
things will last forever.  They are seldom changed and in 8 yrs..never a
problem...knock on wood.  so, for people who change their lancets every time,
or use special tape, or use bent needles, or change their infusion sets every
6 days, or have lower, or higher basal rates, & differences in insurance
coverage, the numbers will differ.  Some will find it less than what we see
while others of course will find it more. YMMV...like I said :)
Insurance pays 90% of the cost of our supplies.  My point was to show a cost
comparison as it applies to us.

When we were trying to get a pump, insurance put us off for months because
someone passed along incorrect information that pumping cost $600 MORE A MONTH
than MDI.  If anyone came to me for a cost comparison between MDI and Pumping
as it relates to our situation, I would give them the costs as I posted in the
IP, again stating that they are OUR costs and Your Mileage May Vary.

Barb....mom to Erica, A Canadian Butterfly
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