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[IP] Re:sensitivity factor

Jose said...
>>You can calculate your first bolus in the morning knowing
that your
"normal" total is, let's say, 35 units a day. But if your
breakfast is
already different than normal, let's say 70 carbos instead
of 45 (in
the breakfast) you ought to put your sensitivity DOWN -
let's say
from 1:51 (1800/35=51), through the 1800-rule, going down to

Now you need to use this number (40) in your equation
THIS day. If your insulin needs are less with this day or
other day,
you must change again.<<

This is not the purpose of the sensitivity factor (also
known as, correction factor.)
The purpose is to find out how much 1 unit of insulin will
lower the BG "x"mg/dl, or , how many points of mg/dl the BG
will lower with one unit of insulin. It isn't used for the
amount of carbs in the food to be eaten.

Just as the starting bolus ratio and starting basal rates
are calculated, this calculation is also a starting point,
to be evaluated by basal/bolus/SF testing. All the rates
will change with levels of activity, hormone fluctuations,
weight loss or gain, illness and ...phase of the moon.

Barbara A. Bradley, MS, RN, CDE
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