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[IP] MM Batteries and Backlight

With my 508 I use the leather case provided by MiniMed, and I also use the
spring clip. I clip it to my belt or whatever else is convenient at my waist
line, so the pump is oriented with the reservoir vertical and with the tube
coming out the top. Looking down at the pump and case, the clip is on the

Last night, as I prepared to administer a bolus, I unclipped the pump from
my belt so I could hold it in my hands and open the leather cover secured by
Velcro. When I opened the cover I noticed that the backlight of the pump was
on. How did this happen? I figure that when I put my thumb on the spring
clip and my index finger on the front of the leather case, (I am right
handed) the most natural place to put the index finger is the place on the
cover that is right on top of the down arrow button on the pump. And
according to the manual the down arrow is what toggles the backlight on or

I couldn't find anything in the manual to indicate that the backlight
automatically turns off after being on for a certain period of time.
However, I suspect that there may actually be such an automatic turn off. I
don't want to use my batteries to experiment with this.

My theory is this: When the leather case and spring clip are used, sometimes
the force between the thumb and index finger needed to open the clip is
sufficient to push through the leather case to the down arrow button,
turning on the back light and starting a drain on the batteries. Whether the
backlight remains on for only a few seconds, or indefinitely, there is an
unintended drain on the batteries. Of course, not everyone keeps their pump
in the leather case with the spring clip, so it is only the ones who do set
it up this way that encounter this additional drain on the batteries. And if
you don't use the leather case at all, but do use the spring clip you are
even more likely to push the down arrow button whenever you open the spring

I got out my old 506 and found that the orientation of the spring clip and
leather case is the same as the 508, but of course the 506 doesn't have the
backlight feature. My guess is that the 507C also has things arranged the
same way, so if the 507C has a backlight feature ...

Anyhow, this may account for some of the differences in battery life that
have been reported.

Tom Beatson
DX 12/42. Pumping since 7/95.
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