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[IP] Re: Disney passes

> How many of us have seen perfectly
> capable people parking in a handicap spot simply because they can
> - - because they have a sign (and it is obvious that the person
> sprinting into the store is NOT the one with the
> handicap/disability, nor is the handicapped/disabled person
> anywhere around.

This is *rather* unfair. I realize the poster did say *sprinting* and that
isn't right. BUT, I'm on another list where this subject came up and like here
when we criticize others for not having the education about DM that WE would
like everyone to have, the other listers don't have the compassion from
onlookers due to *unseen* disabilities. What about those who look healthy and
have pacemakers and being out in the cold for a lengthy walk to a bldg is
damaging, or my friend who has an artificial leg and it isn't noticable under
his pants and he looks healthy and you can't tell he's *different* but the
pain is masked. There are numerous reasons unseen requiring a handcapped card,
and if someone has one, I'll not question it as it is none of my business what
their need/disability is.

BUT, when I see someone without a card or special license I DO question it. I
have been in an argument already with a healthy young specimen with an
*attitude*. Also a lady whom I asked why she was taking the space. She broke
down in tears and said she had MS and it was hard for her to walk. I told her
I was sorry, but it was people like her whom I was protecting. Therefore,
there was a need to have a card.

I didn't mean to upset her. She had an incurable disease and should legitimize
(sp?) her parking. It's easy to judge others - and a book by it's cover. (~_^)
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