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Re: [IP] Measures of "control"-- from Dr. Joe

No.  It does not.  In fact, it means very little at all.  If anything it 
might indicate that shooting for A1Cs below 6.9 is a bad idea.

I don't put much trust or credibility on most of what Dr. Joe publishes 
because he seems to me to be very sloppy in his research and explanations.


At 11:24 AM 1/21/2001 -0800, you wrote:
>Does this really mean we should all be shooting for Hba1c below 5?
>rbubar wrote:
> > From: E-News, email @ redacted, 1/21/00
> ><snip>
> >
> > What was striking was the fact that those with a
> > HbA1c in the range of 5% to 6.9% contributed 82%
> > of the excess mortality.  These are very low values for
> > HbA1c.  These are values for which we would
> > congratulate almost everybody on his or her good job.
> >
> > This once again, confirms what we have said for years
> > that "glucose control matters, but metabolic control is
> > everything".
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