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[IP] Measures of "control"-- from Dr. Joe

From: E-News, email @ redacted, 1/21/00

The Diabetes Control and Complications Trial (DCCT)
predicted mortality over the nine years of the study
based on the HbA1c level.  In the past seven years, we
have handed out graphs that indicate your likelihood of
death based on your level of HbA1c.  This was all
causes of death not just vascular disease.

Now the British Medical Journal 2001; 322:15-8,5-6,
has published data that there is an association between
glucose and all causes of atherosclerotic heart and
vascular disease.  Since these are the most common
causes of death in people with diabetes, these results are
not too surprising.

What was striking was the fact that those with a
HbA1c in the range of 5% to 6.9% contributed 82%
of the excess mortality.  These are very low values for
HbA1c.  These are values for which we would
congratulate almost everybody on his or her good job.

This once again, confirms what we have said for years
that "glucose control matters, but metabolic control is

Dr. Joe, the Diabetes Doctor

Interesting as we all focus so much attention on our HbA1c levels. Of course
we all know it's  not just the ol' glucose level marching through our
bodies, but the statistics say something.....ALL the chemical and physical
processes matter, we just don't have easy ways to measure them all at
home(smile).....just think how busy we could all be!

Barbara (BBB)  
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