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[IP] Shelly $500/mth Here is a breakdown of Erica's costs

Hi everybody,

As a result of Shelly's posting which mentioned her fight for disability
credits & costs per month for diabetic care, I decided to share a breakdown of
ours. The breakdown will show the difference between the cost of care on the
pump vs MDI.  There is no way to predict the amount of $$$ in Erica's future
that will be saved due to less trips to the ER or a disability allowance owed
her due to complications that she will hopefully avoid due to pumping. I can
just assume they would be HUGE.   The day to day BENEFIT of pumping to her
emotional health is immeasurable as far as $$$ is concerned.  The
short-sighted views of POLITICIANS  is criminal!!!  Oh boy, I better nip this
line right now or I will go on and on and on and on.....suffice to say
"Shelly - YOU GO GIRL!!"

Prices for people will vary of course due to all the factors we come across
that make YMMV a very solid expression :)  The reason I wanted to list these
is to let the 'pumpers to be' know that the $420 we pay a month includes some
non-pumping supplies so they wouldn't think they would be paying an extra $420
just to pump!!!!  It can be very confusing and I hope what I have listed below
will clarify our pumping costs vs MDI.  I have figured out that it cost us
approx $125/mth more to pump than using MDI.  These figures are in CDN dollars
and are based on latest prices and OUR experiences.

Here are my figures which include everything I can think of right now. The
list of expenses is based on a 30 day month.  Shelly, your figures probably
reflect the fact that you paid for the full price of the pump without benefit
of insurance.  We were a little bit luckier.  My figures don't reflect the
initial cost of a monitor, keto strips, and a bunch of other little things
like carb booklets, a scale, literature etc.  They would be the same for MDI
and pumping.  If you added the cost of travelling to and from doctors, special
foods, interest rates on loans, etc....well we can go on and on!!
  a.. $40.00/month in Insulin.  At 45 units a day, and 4.3 syringe changes a
month where we lost approx 25 units each time, that give us a total usage of
1,457 u/mth at a cost of $27.49/1000u of Humalog.
  b.. $210/mth for Fast Take Strips.  Average 7 tests per day at a cost of
  c.. $15.00/month for Minimed reservoirs.  Changing every 7 days,  4.3
changes per month, at a cost of $3.50 per reservoir
  d.. $130/mth for Silhouettes.  at a cost of $130/10 (23" combo set 10/5),
changing every 3 days, 10 changes a month
  e.. $4/mth for Tegaderm - used sporadically at a cost of $50/100pcs
  f.. $5/mth for batteries - changing every 2 months on average, at a cost of
$30.00 for 9.  The pump uses 3, so it costs $10.00 for each battery change,
spread over 2 months.
  g.. $16/mth for cost of pump - The cost of a pump for us ($4800CDN) was
covered at 80%.  If I took OUR cost which was $960 (insurance covered the
rest), spread over 5yrs (the suggested lifespan is 10-12)  it would add an
additional $16.00/mth
  h.. Total per month  $420.00/avg.
If Erica were not pumping, and we were giving her 5 needles a day to achieve
any semblance of control, the costs for MDI care for her would be
  a.. $40/month for insulin (this would be basically the same even though
there would be NPH there are well)
  b.. $210/mth for strips
  c.. $45/mth for insulin syringes @ a cost of approx .30 each/5 needles per
  d.. Total per month   $295.00/avg.
Cost of care with a pump $420 - cost of care for MDI $295 = a difference of
$125/mth more to pump.
So, for an additional $125/mth I can offer Erica a much healthier lifestyle
with the pump, both emotionally and physically.  It costs a family of 4 approx
$45 to see a movie c/w with a popcorn pack and taxes.  So, for the cost of  3
trips to the movies/month, we can give Erica a richer life in all respects.
We don't smoke, but if we did, it would be a great initiative to QUIT!!  That
would most definitely pay for the cost difference.

Oh, for those who were wondering, I haven't been able to update my website due
to login problems with Tripod.  They are dealing with them in a 'timely'
manner. <g>
Barb....mom to Erica, A Canadian Butterfly
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