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RE: [IP] pumpers procedures


With HbA1C of 4.2% what is the percentage of your tests below 60?
Seems to me a very low HbA1C with a good probability to have many hypo
If you do not have them so often, you are very very lucky...

 - Avner (with higher HbA1C , between 5-6 )

>>-----Original Message-----
>>From: Jose Ribeiro [mailto:email @ redacted]
>>Subject: [IP] pumpers procedures

>>Some folks wrote me asking what to do in order to "operate well"
>>with the pump - what I would say:

>>* TEST BGL 10 to 12 times a day (when eating and 1 1/2
 >> hour after AND when feeling different)

>My HbA1c is 4.2%. Write me what you used to do.

>>email @ redacted
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