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Re: [IP] Disney Pass (my opinion)

Lots of attractions and theme parks have variations of the pass - at 
Universal/ Islands of Adventure you can get the pass if you have a multi day 
park pass, or if you stay at a Universal hotel. Because people can afford a 
longer or better vacation, do they have more right to go to the head of the 
line than I do? 

I've used the pass there, both for my diabetes (before pump) and because 
three of my four (foster) kids have ADD. Standing in line with them is 
horrible, and Universal gives the pass with not many questions asked. Is it 
right? I dont know. Lots of kids don't like to stand in line - hey, I don't 
like to stand in line. But without the pass I would certainly have to think 
twice and three times about taking the kids there at all. 

On the Diabetes front... I go through SOOO much stuff having diabetes. I'm 
not normal, not by any means. "Normal" people don't have to worry about 
bolusing if they put a potato chip in their mouth, or testing all the time, 
or numbers constant numbers, or their eyes or their feet or the myriad of 
other things. They don't have to walk around with an extra five pounds of 
supplies everywhere they go, and call ahead to make sure there's a fridge in 
the hotel room. They don't have to wear the bracelet, or the pump, or 
disconnect to shower or swim. They don't have the financial concerns, the 
monthly bills, the health insurance woes. They don't know the carb counts of 
jelly beans and glucose tablets and slices of bread. They don't have the rest 
of the world looking at them like they're commiting suicide if they eat a 
cookie. They don't have to listen to other people whisper "she has diabetes" 
as if it were a death sentence. 
I'm okay with my D, really I am. Sure I wish I didn't have it, but I'd rather 
have Diabetes than a lot of other less manageable diseases. But it's a pain 
in the butt regardless, and if once in a while there's a 'perk' out there, 
especially a perk that is so freely given to so many people for so many 
reasons, I will certainly take advantage of it.
(who will now go back into lurking)
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