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[IP] Changing insulin when making site changes

We just started pumping this week, (Disetronic H-Tron), and our CDE says to 
discard the glass insulin cartridge and replace it with a new one each time 
we change sites, (every 48 hours).  I can't figure out why.  I asked her 
twice over the phone, and she says for now, it's best to do it.  Even though 
I only fill the cartridge half way (my daughter's 7, not too much insulin 
yet), I am tossing out lots of insulin, not to mention all the time and 
effort to fill the cartridge and get the air bubbles out.
What does everyone else do?  Any ideas why I'm suppose to start fresh each 
time?  Thanks.

Jeanne, Mom of Kathleen, 7, dx'd 7/00 and pumping since 1/16/01, Amanda 10, &
Wife of Bill, from south Florida.
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