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Re: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V4 #807 (Cured)

On 21 Jan 2001, at 5:46, Sharon Amann wrote:

> going to do about the damage already set in. Will a new pancreas or cells
> reverse the damage already here? That would be especially nice! 

> would delete my diabetes and reverse all damages that this disease has
> caused already to my body.

> From: "Jim Holman" <email @ redacted>
> > No one has seemed to touch on the point I made when I first posted about
> > being "cured". What about complications? 

So far, I'm incredibly fortunate.  No detected complications yet.

I originally compared a "cure" to the *healing* of my broken arm.

i still stand by that comparison.  My broken bone is healed.  I still 
have permanent damage to my wrist.  That damage mitigated by 
the honesty of my beautiful physical therapists who told me that 
unless I was willing to put myself through horrible pain, I'd lose up 
to 60% of the use of my hand.  No amount of physical therapy 
would remove ALL the damage though.


Asking for a deletion of complications is understandable.  But it 
doesn't negate the relief it would be to have a cure.  To know that 
the *progression* at least would be stopped.

Also, we can't delete aging.

We're going to age.  We're going to die.  That's inevitable.
But dangit, just not having to check my blood sugars multiple 
times every day would be a HUGE relief.  Just like the pump itself 
is a huge relief to this intense needlephobe!

Having been a diabetic for such a short time, I can clearly 
remember my pre-diabetes days.

To me, it would be sufficient just having normal pancreas function 
again.  Just like I'm glad my bone is healed, even though all the 
damage is not.
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