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[IP] Re: Disney Pass (my opinion)

I was not being hasty to pass judgment and/or judging a book by
its cover. I WAS NOT talking about people such as yourself and I
specifically said this wasn't the case every time - not even most
of the time (so I wasn't making generalizations.) Surely though,
just once in your life, you've seen someone do as I've described.
I've seen it (not often, but I have seen it. Heck, I know people
who've SAID they've done it, so it isn't just my opinion here.)
And yes, practically sprinting (or at least moving very fast),
not walking, not even walking slow, but moving at a very fast
pace like they are in a hurry. That would seem to indicate that
that person was not the one with the handicap/disability and that
they are just parking there because they are in a hurry (I'm not
talking about people who just LOOK fine on the outside. There are
many disabilities which one can't see. I too, give people the
benefit of the doubt but on rare occasions I do see one as
described above and it does make me wonder.) I don't think most
people who have those signs do this, and that is not what I said
or meant to imply, but there are some out there who most
certainly do, rare as it may be. FWIW, I have family members with
disabilities, so I have seen BOTH sides of this issue.

I'm truly sorry I offended you. Please accept my apologies.

Diane said:`
How do you know?  Sprinting?  That sounds like maybe a little
exaggeration???  You cannot judge a book by it's cover.  I should
know.  I
have multiple sclerosis and lupus.  Looking at me, I look fine. 
I'm not in
a wheelchair, but I cannot walk very far without fatiguing
greatly.  If you
looked at me, you would think there's nothing wrong with me, and
why on
earth would she be parking in a handicapped spot????  Please hold
opinions to yourselves.  Let's not be hasty to pass judgment.  I
prefer to
give people the benefit of the doubt, rather than passing
judgment when I
don't know all of the facts.  I, for one, am so grateful to be
able to park
close to where I need to be.  

I don't mean to offend anyone, but I felt like I needed to stand
up on
behalf of all people with "handicaps" who look normal to the
observer with perhaps a "hard edge".

Take care, Kerri, alulitsuti (mother of many children) & the
little guy due 3/10/01 
"There is a special magic and holiness about the girl and woman.
They are the bringers of life to the people, and the teachers of
the little children." - Sweet Medicine, Cheyenne
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