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Re: [IP] Re: Uncooperative school (GOOD parent resource)


  RE: school staffers and D. care...Consider yourself very lucky to be living 
in an area where the school can afford to have full-time nursing staff (even 
if it is made up of three different nurses.  Here in WA state, where we live 
and my son, who is 9, is in the third grade, our public school district 
shares their RNs with all of the schools in this district.  We are lucky if 
'our' nurse makes her ONE DAY PER WEEK day at our school.  And anything she 
needs to know about Joshua and diabetes in general, comes from me!  She knows 
nothing about it!  Atleast she didn't try to pass herself off as all knowing 
like the last two RNs.  

  As for Josh's teacher...she is great!  Josh is her first diabetic in 30+ 
years of teaching.  She is going out and getting books and reading all about 
it so she can understand more about it.  That is FANTASTIC to me.  She asks 
me questons all of the time and we keep in constant contact via email.  

  After some troubles, the rest of the staffers are finally settling down a 
bit and allowing things to just happen.  They are becoming more aware of the 
occassional mood swings that Josh gets with BG fluctuations.  They are good 
at helping him when he needs it.  Josh checks his BGs by himself but some 
days he is doing it in the office because his class is someplace other than 
their room right before lunch.  So this works out.  The other day he was 
really low (44) and before the staff let him call me for advice they had 
already given him some sugared soda, glucose and crackers to start getting 
him up.  THEN he could call me!!!  I was very pleased with this and told them 
over he phone how well they reacted!!

  So, I guess things are going pretty well right now.  Josh's BGs are totally 
calming down now and the waves are flatening out a lot...WHEW!!!  Finally 
after almost a year!  And the school is not so afraid of the diabetes (Josh 
is the only D. kid at his school and the only pumper in the district!!!  So 
we are the guinea pigs!!!

  Anyway, I'm glad things are going well for you guys.  That really is great 
to hear!

mom to Joshua
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