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Re: [IP] Re: Disney Pass (my opinion)

How do you know?  Sprinting?  That sounds like maybe a little
exaggeration???  You cannot judge a book by it's cover.  I should know.  I
have multiple sclerosis and lupus.  Looking at me, I look fine.  I'm not in
a wheelchair, but I cannot walk very far without fatiguing greatly.  If you
looked at me, you would think there's nothing wrong with me, and why on
earth would she be parking in a handicapped spot????  Please hold your
opinions to yourselves.  Let's not be hasty to pass judgment.  I prefer to
give people the benefit of the doubt, rather than passing judgment when I
don't know all of the facts.  I, for one, am so grateful to be able to park
close to where I need to be.  

I don't mean to offend anyone, but I felt like I needed to stand up on
behalf of all people with "handicaps" who look normal to the untrained
observer with perhaps a "hard edge".

Diane :-)

At 08:23 PM 1/20/2001 -0800, you wrote:
.How many of us have seen perfectly
>capable people parking in a handicap spot simply because they can
>- because they have a sign (and it is obvious that the person
>sprinting into the store is NOT the one with the
>handicap/disability, nor is the handicapped/disabled person
>anywhere around. 
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