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[IP] Disney Pass (my opinion)

Hi there:  This was my thread as we are heading to Disneyland in March and I
had been told of this. I am not looking for literally a "free" ride, but I
think anything we can do to make the lives of little D kids easier why not???
I do not expect my 4 year old son to get special treatment in most cases, but
I can see there being real trouble standing in a lineup for 3 hours....

For example I will tell you what happened today that further made me see why I
am getting a pass.  We went to McDonalds today and on the way in my son told
me he felt low, and sure enough his face was pale and I knew he was really
low! It was 12 noon and I was in a huge lineup for food already.  I stood
there with a heavy purse (full of juice boxes, backup test supplies etc--the
usual for a mom to a D child), juggling a meter and trying to test this kid
and right then and there I knew we would be in trouble trying to do all that
in a long tight lineup in the hot sun.

Not to mention what hot sun on a bg meter will do.  It is not good for either
the test strips or the meter. READ on...

"store away from direct sunlight."

"allow time for Meter and /or test strips to come to ROOM TEMPERATURE before

"Temperature is too HIGH and could affect test results."

"Use meter in correct temperature."

"Meter has detected an error: accurate results not possible: TEST SENSOR has
been damaged due to intense HEAT EXPOSURE"

"Avoid explosing Meter and Test strip to excessive HUMIDITY, HEAT..."

These are some of the warnings on my test strip boxes and in the instruction
booklets from the Dex and Elite meters we use. So I would think that any way
we could help to keep this from happening would be a benefit?

We will be getting a pass and using it on rides where the lines are
excessively long. Oh and here's one to chew on...here in Canada our children
are eligible to recieve a Disability Tax Credit.  I will be heading to the tax
court of Canada in the next few months to speak on behalf of families of
children with diabetes as most receive the Credit while others have to fight
for it.  Unfortunately there is not a politically correct name for the kind of
tax credit we deserve.  The pump my son is wearing was $5300.00, paid out of
pocket, we pay $500 a month for supplies.

Oh and to end this off with something to really think about....Did you know
that people who STUTTER in Canada are considered disabled and qualify for the
Disability Tax Credit automatically?? hmmmmmm...............

Have a great night...Shelly
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