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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V4 #807 (Cured)

>My body might be cured but I have doubts if, by any definition, my mind
>would be cured.

No one has seemed to touch on the point I made when I first posted about 
being "cured". What about complications? Right now I can't feel my toes 
unless I use my fingers, I spend my share of time throwing up due to 
gastroparesis (propulsid worked for me with none of the side effects and 
nothing else has come close to it as far as being effective), weakness in 
hands and fingers..........

Can you say you are cured if complications are left behind? I agree I will 
have a surrogate pancreas located in my liver and producing insulin, but is 
that a cure. After 39 years I have my share of complications and can be 
said to be better off than a lot of others. Will the person blinded because 
of diabetes or on dialysis because of renal failure be cured? For me the 
best population to be able to say they would be cured is the young, newly 
diagnosed diabetic who has had little time for complications to get a 
foothold. Stepping down from the soap box.

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