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[IP] Economically "disabled"

Darrin Parker wrote:
> Are we *entitled* "to getting a break in life elsewhere" because we have so
> much more physical, economic and emotional crap to deal with than the
> average person?  

With no heat in mind (and certainly not an attack on you, Darrin):

Let's not get so wrapped up in our own little world that we don't
acknowledge that LOTS of people are struggling with problems that affect
their physical, emotional and economic well-being. 

In Nevada, the deaf got a special exemption on their phone bills because
TTY calls take 5 times longer than voice calls. The rest of us paid for
it with a surcharge on our telephone bills. 

The blind get a special exemption on income tax. 

In Nevada, they took the taxes off orthopedic appliances (things like
ACE bandages for sprains), but we still pay tax on non-prescription
insulin and strips. 

It seems to me like every time you start looking at a special group of
people and trying to grant them benefits, you make life LESS rather than
more fair. 

What about people with no health insurance who need blood pressure 

What about people who need multiple medications that their health
insurance doesn't cover completely or at all, in the case of Medicare?

What about people who can't work because of chronic mental problems? Or
those that work, but who have to pay a far greater share of the bills
because there is no mental health care equity in the insurance business

And what about my longtime friend who has Primary Pulmonary Hypertension
and no health insurance because she CAN'T work, and no disability,
either, and whose oxygen and medication pump and supplies cost $5000 a
month, not counting frequent hospitalizations?

I certainly don't minimize the difficulties of living with diabetes,
especially after the complications have set in, but I also don't agree
with the "poor little me" mentality that thinks "I" have it worse than
anyone else. I will take as little from society as I possibly can, and
don't grumble about taxes (although I wish I had more say in how they
were used), because I'm certain that I have it BETTER than many people,
and I'm grateful for it.
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