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[IP] Medicare

I'm nowhere near Medicare age yet (only 52), but unless the law is
changed, I don't think I would meet that C-Peptide requirement, either.

Someone said that if you're already pumping, they're more likely to
grandfather you in, as opposed to someone who wanted to start pumping --
does anyone know whether that's true?

Another thing that bothers me about that rule is that the c-peptide is
not THAT precise -- I have a friend who's a long-term Type 1, and he had
a C-peptide done that came out as 0.6 (too high for Medicare!), and then
he had it redone, and it came out 0.2.  

Seems to me that that rule is designed to keep Type 2's out of the
picture because Medicare is too afraid that too many Type 2's would want
pumps and drive them bankrupt. As if the majority of Type 2's even take
good care of their diabetes, let alone go on pumps!!!!!

I think that if a person is motivated enough to have already gone on the
pump, then C-peptide should not be an issue, but nobody consulted me
about Medicare regulations!!!!!

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