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[IP] Re: Uncooperative school (GOOD parent resource)

In a message dated 1/20/01 3:34:53 PM !!!First Boot!!!, 
email @ redacted writes:

> honest to goodness, folks, we're not
> all in this business to make people's lives difficult, however much evidence
> may seem to point to the contrary!

I had to weigh in on this one. When I read about all the difficulties parents 
and kids have with school teachers, nurses, staff and administration, I am SO 
THANKFUL for the team who works with Paul and me.

At Paul's school, we have three different nurses (one Monday and Wednesday; 
one Tuesday and Thursday; and one Friday.) The reason is -- I'm not sure if 
it's state or federal funding rules -- because the nurse to pupil ratio is 
not high enough to justify a full-time nurse!! So, our nurses rotate between 
schools on different days so that all the schools are covered. If you would 
see the numbers of children who go in and out of that nurse's office on one 
given day, you would throw up your hands over the logic of this!!! But, I'm 

My point is that we have three different nurses who ALL handle Paul's 
diabetes and pumping so wonderfully and so professionally. They are so caring 
and good with him. They keep in contact with me whenever a problem occurs. 
And I empower them to be in charge, based on the guidelines we've worked out. 

The same goes for Paul's teacher. She has an older son with diabetes 
(freshman in college) and she understands what's going on. She empowers Paul 
to leave the classroom when he feels the need to test, etc., etc. 

I am so lucky to have these great people at Paul's school who "get it." Too 
often on here and other boards I read about caregivers who don't "get it."  I 
make sure to tell Paul's teacher, nurses OFTEN how grateful we are. At 
Christmastime, we bought them all tree ornaments of a mother bird feeding a 
baby bird with the message, "Thanks for taking care of THIS baby bird." I 
feel that Paul can't have enough mothers looking after him and I am so glad 
he has these wonderful people in his life.

Just reading the posts here, it is obvious that teachers, nurses, etc., like 
Sammi and Natalie are good, caring people affecting children's lives in a 
positive way. So I want to say thanks to you, too! 
proud mom of Paul, DX 20 months, now 7 and pumping  since July 12
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