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Re: [IP] running out of insulin was-Rapid acting insulin and pump

Thankfully we have 24 hour Walgreen's and Eckerd's- 2 hours away.
In Illinois Osco's have many 24 hour pharmacy's as well as Walgreens.
It would help to know what chains in various states run a 24 hour pharmacy.
In the little town in which I live the hospital doesn't have a pharmacy that
people can buy their prescriptions from.
When I have had to go to the ER they seldom have the medication I need...and I
doubt they would carry Velosulin. But the 2-3 pharmacy's do have emergency
service for night time and weekend needs.
As it is I would have to drive 2 hours to get to a Walgreen's or Eckerd's :(
But I like the north GA mountains too much- we moved out of the big city and
since hubby drives into Atlanta (2 hr drive one way) anyway I ususally am able
to get what I need. I also keep emergency supplies and have enough insulin on
hand to last quite awhile as well as my other medications. 
Always be prepared :)
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