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[IP] Re: different carb ratios

>>> How many of you guys have different
>>> carbohydrate ratios throughout the day?
> For reasons I don't understand my endo always changes basal rates and
> the carb ratios alone.  I've been on 1:10 since I started the pump.
Had 2
> different carb rates before on mdi.
> Faith

I think that takes away the advantage of a pump.  Isn't it pretty much
the same as MDI?  For me (YMMV) there are far too many variables to
attempt to restrict changing any of them.  How are your fasts?  If they
stay level, or drop a bit, they are OK.  Otherwise, you may want to
adjust your basals.  As I've often said, in the last 7+ years, a major
advantage of the pump is to be able to skip a meal, without worrying
about highs or lows.  If you can do that, then your basals are correct,
Jack Granowski
email @ redacted
dx 10/66, D H-Tron 7/93, HbA1c 5.9
The grass is always greener on the other side -- but that's because they
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