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Re: [IP] uncoperative school

James Handsfield wrote:
> Natalie Sera <email @ redacted> wrote:
> > Seems to me I remember one of the Moms who gave her child a cell-phone
> > so that the child could call her at any time.
> In Georgia, public school students are not permitted personal telephones.

Cell phones aren't allowed in our schools, either. If it were ringing
all the time, it WOULD be disruptive!  But I think a convincing case can
be made for a diabetic child, especially since the bulk of calls would
be made by the child, and that could be done discreetly. 

Teachers have a rough job trying to keep 30 or so kids, not all of whom
want to learn, and some of whom are actively trying NOT to learn, in
control and focused, so they are very sensitive to disruptions. Even the
intercom is a disruption, and the office tries not to use it during
class hours.

As far as I'm concerned, as a teacher, the child's medical needs HAVE to
be met, but parents also need to help by brainstorming solutions that
will result in minimum disruption to the other kids. The school nurse
and administration are SUPPOSED to be facilitating that,  but they're
just like the rest of humanity -- some of them are very rigid and set in
their ways. 

But I also think that a lot of the opposition is due to ignorance, and
again, it's hard to educate the ignorant who don't acknowledge that they
are ignorant! 

I'm convinced that there are win-win solutions to these problems. But
both sides have to be flexible and creative, and both need to have the
best interests of ALL the children firmly in mind. 

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