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GOOD parent resource (was Re: [IP] uncooperative school)

I have given them tons and tons of educational material.
> They have written medical orders, our previous CDE went in to "educate"
> staff, etc.


I don't know if you already have this in your "information arsenal" <g>, but
I'm thinking that if you don't, every little bit helps.  Disetronic puts out
a booklet (32 pages, plus forms) called "Easy As ABC: What you need to know
about children using insulin pumps in school".  It spells everything needed
information-wise in VERY small words & was written by a pediatric nurse.
There are sections for teachers dealing with integrating diabetes care into
classroom routine with ease, good "quick reference guides" for recognizing &
treating hypo & hyperglycemia, & a section on creating a successful school
plan (includes legal rights, 504 plan-writing, recommended supplies at
school, a clear breakdown of responsibilities, & helpful hints.  The only
part I can see that would apply more to Dis than MM or Animas users is the
one page with a pump illustration entitled "Anatomy of a Pump", which shows
an H-tron as its example.  The last section (which I think would be
enormously helpful to anyone working with a school system to insure their
pumper's best care) is a very specific five-page pullout/photocopiable form
called "Medical Diabetic School Plan (Medical 504 Plan): Insulin Pump".  It
appears to cover every minute detail that you would want to make absolutely
sure was covered in its entirety regarding your child's needs, care, &
treatment, without letting things fall between the cracks.  This book is
available from the Disetronic website, & the cover price is $5.95.

I am not affiliated with Disetronic in any way (other than the pump I'm
currently attached to!), & I'm not a parent...I'm on the side that seems to
be taking a beating on this thread.  Yes, I'm one of the seeming "bad
guys" - a teacher in the public school system.  I ordered this book to
educate our district nurse & provide it as resource for any parents
considering a pump for their child - honest to goodness, folks, we're not
all in this business to make people's lives difficult, however much evidence
may seem to point to the contrary!

Best of luck to you & Cory, Susan - remember when it does get tough, you've
got a lot of support on here!

Hope this helps,
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