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[IP] I found out about Disney Pass FYI!


What it does is it allows you and the people in your group
to not have to stand in line. We have done it twice and it has helped
tremedously because it's very difficult to stand in line and have to test
blood sugars, especially when some of the lines are 3 hours long. They will
need a letter from their endo saying that he has D and that it's difficult to
stand in long lines. They will bring this letter to City Hall inside of
Disneyland. They give you a special assistance pass which allows you to enter
the rides through the exits. I had mixed views about this in the beginning
but now I wouldn't go if I had to stand in line it would be just too
difficult. The last time we went we did however, have a hard time getting the
pass. The woman was a real bitch saying that she'll never give me a pass
again. SO, I wrote a nice long letter to Disneyland about Diabetes and our
fun life of dealing with low and high blood sugars. And how I couldn't
believe the attitude "Diane" had towards us.. I mean this is suppose to be
the happiest place on earth where kids should be able to forget about their
problems.... he he he...boy I can right a line of crap! So I got a letter
back from them apologizing and saying that they can't understand why she
would even question giving us a pass.  So if your friends do choose to do
this and they give them trouble at city hall tell them to ask for a Guest
Relations Manager for assistance. It really is worth doing. For all that we
have to put up with everyday with D we totally deserve it. Hope this was what
you were looking for!
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