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RE: [IP] uncooperative school

<<Jim Hansfield wrote: A good rule of thumb is to never attribute to malice 
that which can be
accounted for by ignorance (or stupidity). >>

I don't say that the school's intent is malice.  I think they are trying to 
protect themselves legally but in the process they are denying the needs of a 
child who has disabilities.  I can guarantee you that if anything happens to 
him due to their neglect and failure to follow written medical orders THEY 
WILL GET SUED!  I have given them tons and tons of educational material.  
They have written medical orders, our previous CDE went in to "educate" the 
staff, etc.  If they refuse to meet his needs, then they are liable for the 
consquences of that choice.  They chose not to learn and not to follow 
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