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Re: [IP] uncoperative school

email @ redacted wrote:
>  They feel it is
> very important for Cory to talk with me each day while he is at school.
> Right now I am doing that by meeting him at lunch time.  I oversee his lunch
> bolus and take in a hot lunch of his favorite foods.  He has been packing
> everyday so it is nice for him to have something "special" for a change.  As
> soon as he boluses, I leave and he goes on to the cafeteria to eat with his
> classmates.

Seems to me I remember one of the Moms who gave her child a cell-phone
so that the child could call her at any time. And who labeled each food
in the lunch box with number of bolus units -- the child could bolus for
what s/he ate, and not for the things that were left over.

I think those are creative solutions!!!!  :)

As a teacher, I would much rather have a child use a cell phone than
have to stop my lesson and call the office with information about the
child's BG numbers. (I have an incredibly difficult time if I have to
stop the lesson in order to deal with my OWN BG numbers!) And I also
think you could manage Cory's situation much better if you could talk to
him directly.

Wonder what the school would say about THAT!
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