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Re: [IP] uncoperative school

Michael, thanks for all the information.  We have already done all the first 
things.  We have educated and negotitated.  I have contacted the local ADA, 
JDRF, CODA, OCR, an attorney, etc.  All of these agencies, individuals have 
sent information and letters to the school.  We have tried and tried again 
and again to resolve these issues.  This school is just being very bull 
headed about the matters.  I would probably feel that I was asking too much 
if I were alone in this, but Cory's medical staff absolutely insists that the 
accomdations that we request are made.  They are concerned about the physcial 
AND the emotional support that children with diabetes need.  They feel it is 
very important for Cory to talk with me each day while he is at school.  
Right now I am doing that by meeting him at lunch time.  I oversee his lunch 
bolus and take in a hot lunch of his favorite foods.  He has been packing 
everyday so it is nice for him to have something "special" for a change.  As 
soon as he boluses, I leave and he goes on to the cafeteria to eat with his 
We have a 504 meeting scheduled for Tuesday, but I am positive it is not 
going to be a pleasant experience.  I met with the nurse Thursday and we are 
absolutely not in agreement.  I have a stong feeling that I will leave the 
meeting with an unsigned 504.  We had a meeting last Feb and again last March 
and could not reach an agreement.  At that time, the school refused to even 
address Cory's medical needs.  
I do have several agencies/individuals looking into this situation so I am 
hoping it will be resolved eventually.  In the meantime, I am trying to hold 
onto whatever senses I have left.
As for the pumping .... it's going great!  Cory just changed his site this 
evening for the 2nd time.  He did a real good job of it.  It went it on the 
first push!  He amazes me.  He wants to do everything himself and he is doing 
it but the CDE insists that we shadow him.  He asks, "Why don't you trust 
me?"  His blood sugar is doing pretty good.  At first he was having too many 
lows -- 60-80 range.  They reduced his basal by .1 and then he had a few 
highs -- 200 - 220 -- but that was 2hours after a meal.  Today, they changed 
his bolus ratio so we'll see how that does.  Ooverall though his average for 
9 tests that were done in the last 24 hours was 127!  Wow!  To get a 127 and 
during that time frame nothing was lower than an 89!  AMAZING!   If his 
numbers continue to do this well, I don't understand why endos wouldn't put 
every patient who is willing to learn and willing to do the extra work, on a 
pump.  Cory's little eyes are so much brighter now.  He already appears to be 
feeling better.  I just hope this improvement continues.
A passive person by nature but learning to be a strong advocate,
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