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[IP] Regular Insulin and Pump

Laura said, "My first post pump A1C was just exactly the same as on
MDI--not really
good at all.  Makes me discouraged about the pump and what it can do.
Anyone with similar experiences, or ideas, would be appreciated."

I had nearly the same experience, a 7.4,  and was really discouraged. I
talked to my (Brilliant) CDE about it and she empathized with me and
reminded me how GREAT I was feeling. My goal wasn't to get good numbers, it
was to live well with diabetes. My last A1C was 6.0 after 7 months pumping
(and my dad's was 6.2 after 4 months pumping) which reflects a steadiness
of "normal" blood sugars without the awful highs and, in my case, dangerous
lows, that were wearing us down.  Pre-pump,  I'd had an a1c of 5.9, but I
was catatonic with lows I couldn't treat without help. Give it time to
steady out and remember the true goal, to feel healthy. After 27 years of
diabetes, I had no idea how rotten I felt ALL the time until I got the hang
of pumping. Good luck! Lynn
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