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Re: [IP] Regular Insulin and Pump

> My sister and I have both been pumping for 4 years and we both have
> used Regular insulin since we started pumping.
> My doctor has talked about switching me to Lispro to help with
> control but I am extremely insulin sensitive and I wonder if this
> would be a good change for me.  At one time my doctor suggested
> using a 50/50 mixture of Regular and Lispro in the pump so I
> wouldn't bottom out too quickly with just Lispro.  I need to ask
> others on this list if they have used this type of mixture and how
> successful they were.
usually only people with gastro problems would use a 50/50 mix. 
Humalog is not stronger than regular insulin, just enters and leaves 
the system more quickly. The advantage is that you can correct faster 
and if you over correct the bad stuff is gone quicker. Unless there 
is a medical reason to slow the insulin response or you have a 
sensitivity to Humalog that causes site problems. There is no good 
reason I can think of to mix H with anything at all.
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