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Re: [IP] BASAL/BOLUS question? Help

I would also like to remind you that a change in basal rate usually takes 
anywhere from 90 - 180 minutes for someone to actually see its affects.  So 
if you are having trounle with high BGs at 8-9AM then you will want to 
increase the basal around6-6:30 AM to help adjust this.  See Pumping Insulin 
Chapter 7, I believe that is the correct chapter.  For instance, my 9 y.o. 
has Dawn Phenomenom so I have increased his basals between 4 - 8:00AM to 
cover this.  But I am seeing that I might have to change that to only go 
until maybe 7AM because he is now consistantly going low at lunch time at 
school (40s - 70's) Which shows me that 1) the increase
in basal needs to go back atleast an hour earlier or 2) I need to rethink his 
breakfast boluses during the school week!

mom to Joshua
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